Raku One-Liners — a free book

Let me announce the new book, Raku One-Liners.

The book is available in the PDF format for free. Later, paper copies will also be available.

Download the Raku One-Liners book now

N.B. As of today, the book is in the test mode, and a few updated PDF versions will be uploaded in a few days.

In this book, you will find a lot of short programs, so short that they can be written in a single line of code. The seven chapters will guide you through Raku’s syntax elements that help to create short, expressive, but still useful programs. It is assumed that the reader knows the basics of the Raku programming language and understands programming in general.

Published by DeepText
Amsterdam, 18 October 2019
ISBN 978-90-821568-9-8

90 pages

I hope you will enjoy both the book and the newly-named language!

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