Interview with Flávio Glock

Flávio Glock is the creator of Perlito, the Perl 6 and Perl 5 compiler, and a v6 module, the one compiling Perl 6 to Perl 5 in Perl 5. Background First of all, can you please clarify the names? There are MiniPerl6, KindaPerl6, and Perlito, and a few others, which seem to refer to the same project and its … Continue reading “Interview with Flávio Glock”

brian d foy on Future

brian d foy is the author and co-authors of the fundamental Perl books: Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, Mastering Perl, Programming Perl, and Effective Perl Programming. He is a permanent speaker at different Perl events. This interview was recorded for the Pragmatic Perl magazine on 26 May 2013 during the First Polish Perl Workshop in Warsaw.