About this blog

Every December, the Perl 6 people are running the Advent Calendar—a series of daily articles about the Perl 6 programming language under the motto: ‘Something cool about Perl 6 every day.’ The content is really cool but the thing is that it’s not enough. The Advent Calendar runs only during the 24 days of December before Christmas.

In 2017, I wrote an article for the calendar and have thought that it would be really cool to have some new stuff every day throughout the whole year. And here is the result, this blog ‘Perl 6 Inside Out.’ Here, two restrictions are applied to the content. It is based on the Rakudo sources; I want to read the sources and understand Perl 6 deeper. Sometimes, there will be some side notes that aim to explain some syntax elements that you find in the sources. Such as the proto keyword.

The second restriction is the life-time of the blog. I know for myself that a year is a period during which I can stay passionate enough to continue working on the project. What happens next, I would not reveal.

So, stay in touch and enjoy the journey!

Andrew Shitov, 

Amsterdam, 22 December 2017