Using Raku — a free book

Let me announce the second edition of my Using Perl 6 book. This time, it is published under the new name, Using Raku.

The book is available in the PDF format for free. Later, paper copies will also be available.

Download the Using Raku book now

This is not a bare text replacement s/perl6/raku/. This edition contains a number of changes in the text and program examples that the readers sent after reading the first edition.

Published by DeepText
Amsterdam, 13 October 2019
ISBN 978-90-821568-8-1

I hope you will enjoy both the book and the newly-named language!

2 thoughts on “Using Raku — a free book”

  1. Thanks very much Andrew, I’ve enjoyed your books.
    Is there a list of changes available, other than the s/perl6/raku/ changes?

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