Creating a Compiler with Raku

A step-by-step coding essay

Here, I am starting publishing the chapters of my book, Creating a Compiler with Raku. I am planning to add a new chapter every week on Sundays.


Chapter 1. Creating a Simple Interpreter

Chapter 2. Parsing a Number

Chapter 3. Creating a Calculator

Chapter 4. A Better Interpreter

Chapter 5. Working on Grammar

Chapter 6. Working with Strings

Chapter 7. Arrays and Hashes

Chapter 8. Building AST

Chapter 9. Evaluating AST

Chapter 10. Test Suite

Chapter 11. Control Flow

Chapter 12. Functions

The book was started when Raku was Perl 6, so it may occasionally happen that you see the old name of the language (would I start it today, I might misspell it too :-).

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You are welcome to leave comments, both as comments under the chapters, as well as via email.