This page lists all the Perl- and Raku-related events that were organised or initiated by me or were prepared and hosted independently by the local organisers.

Our events were held in eight countries in Europe and Asia: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Croatia.

Cities: Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Riga, Sofia, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Tashkent, Odessa, Ryazan, Kostanay, and Zagreb.

The full list of the sponsors that worked with us can be found at


  • The Raku Conference, 7 August, online from Riga or Amsterdam. To be announced soon.
    The first Raku Conference ever.








  • 14th YAPC::Europe 2013 “Future Perl”, Kiev (Ukraine), 12–14 August
  • 5th Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 5”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 9th February
  • Saint Perl 2013, Saint Petersburg (Russia), 21 December


  • 10th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—4”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 21th December
  • Joint conference “Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia”. Kiev (Ukraine), 12–13th May
  • 4th Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 4”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 10th March
  • 9th Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 18th February


  • 8th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—3”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December
  • The Perl Workshop on the Black Sea “Black Perl”, Ukraine, 30th September – 2nd October
  • 12th YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl”, Riga (Latvia), 15–17 August
  • 4th YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 4”, Moscow (Russia), 14–15 May
  • 3rd Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 3”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 26th February
  • 7th Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 2nd April


  • 6th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—2”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December
  • Joint conference “Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia”. Kiev (Ukraine), 12–14th June
  • The Perl branch of DevConf conference, Moscow (Russia), 17–18th May
  • The Perl branch of RIT++ conference, Moscow (Russia), 12–14th April
  • 5th Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 20th February
  • 2nd Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 2”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 30th January


  • 4th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December
  • Kazakh Perl Workshop, Kostanay (Kazakhstan), 28th November
  • The Baltic Perl Workshop. Riga (Latvia), 21st November
  • 2nd Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl Too”. Minsk (Belarus), 17th October
  • 2nd YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 2”. Moscow (Russia), 16–17th May
  • Uzbek Perl Workshop “Perl Tashkent” (“Camel Perl”). Tashkent (Uzbekistan), 13th May
  • 2nd Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova — 2”. Kiev (Ukraine), 7th March
  • 1st Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 31th January


  • 3rd Russian Perl Workshop “South Perl”. Rostov-on-Don (Russia), 2nd November
  • 1st Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl”. Minsk (Belarus), 18th October
  • 2nd Russian Perl Workshop “Far East Perl”. Vladivostok (Russia), 26th September
  • 1st YAPC::Russia “May Perl”. Moscow (Russia), 17–18th May
  • 1st Croatian Perl Workshop. Zagreb (Croatia), 15th August
  • 1st Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova”. Kiev (Ukraine), 23th March


  • The First Russian Perl Workshop “Perl Today”. Moscow (Russia), 26th October