Interview with Carl Mäsak

Carl Mäsak is an application developer for Perl 6. He is the number one Perl 6 bug reporter, the author of November, one of the first real web applications written in Perl 6. October You started following the Perl 6 development in 2003–2004, a few years after the Perl 6 project was announced. What was … Continue reading “Interview with Carl Mäsak”

Interview with Stevan Little

Stevan Little is the author of Moose, the library introducing Perl 6-inspired classes in Perl 5. He also started the p5-mop project, which was aimed to bring classes to the Perl 5’s core. Perl and OOP Once you said that it was Damian Conway’s “Object Oriented Perl” book, which gave you the idea of real … Continue reading “Interview with Stevan Little”