📘 Finding unique digits using Perl 6

📘 Finding unique digits using Raku

N. B. Perl 6 has been renamed to Raku. Click to read more.

Print unique digits from a given integer number.

The task is easily solved if an integer is immediately converted to a string.

my $number = prompt('Enter number> ');
say $number.comb.unique.sort.join(', ');

The combmethod, called with no arguments, splits the string into separate characters. The method is defined in the Str class; thus, the $number is converted to the string first. The same may be explicitly written as:


Notice that in the case of using $number.split(''), empty elements are added to the beginning and the end of the array.

At this moment, an initial number resides in an array, each element of which is a digit from the $number.

Taking unique elements of an array does not require any manual programming in Perl 6, as the Array class contains a special method for that:


Finally, to make the result look better, the array of unique digits is sorted and printed as a comma-separated list:

$number.comb.unique.sort.join(', ')

Instead of calling sayas a stand-alone function, it may be called as a method on the resulting string:

$number.comb.unique.sort.join(', ').say;

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