📘 Check if an element is in a list in Perl 6

📘 Check if an element is in a list in Raku

N. B. Perl 6 has been renamed to Raku. Click to read more.

Tell if the given value is in the list.

There are a few approaches to the problem. The most compact one seems to be the use of the smartmatch ~~ operator in combination with the anyfunction:

my @array = (10, 14, 0, 15, 17, 20, 30, 35);
my $x = 17;
say 'In the list' if $x ~~ any @array;

To check if a given value is contained among the elements of an array or a list, use the greproutine.

say 'In the list' if grep $x, @array;

The grep routine returns a list of all the matched elements. In the Boolean context, the return value is True if at least one element was found. In the opposite case, an empty list coerces to False. If the element in question is not zero, then the first routine may be used instead of grep. It returns the first element that matches the search pattern:

say 'In the list' if first $x, @array;

To extend this to zero values, test the values before making a decision:

say 'In the list' if $x == first $x, @array;

Another solution is to convert the array to a hash and check if there is a key with the given value. This is useful when you need more than one check.

my %hash = map {$_ => 1}, @array;
say 'In the list' if %hash{$n};

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