Interview with Stevan Little

Stevan Little is the author of Moose, the library introducing Perl 6-inspired classes in Perl 5. He also started the p5-mop project, which was aimed to bring classes to the Perl 5’s core. Perl and OOP Once you said that it was Damian Conway’s “Object Oriented Perl” book, which gave you the idea of real … Continue reading “Interview with Stevan Little”

Interview with Damian Conway

Damian Conway is one of the key figures in the Perl 6 design team, and the author of Exegeses, the documents explaining the ideas behind the concentrated design decisions reflected in Apocalypses. We talked to Damian during his visit to Amsterdam in March 2015. Design Backgrounds Of course, you’ve heard that Perl 6 is going … Continue reading “Interview with Damian Conway”

Interview with Flávio Glock

Flávio Glock is the creator of Perlito, the Perl 6 and Perl 5 compiler, and a v6 module, the one compiling Perl 6 to Perl 5 in Perl 5. Background First of all, can you please clarify the names? There are MiniPerl6, KindaPerl6, and Perlito, and a few others, which seem to refer to the same project and its … Continue reading “Interview with Flávio Glock”

Interview with Audrey Tang

The questions and answers in this document are CC0 and in the public domain. Audrey Tang first of all is known as the creator and developer of Pugs, the Perl 6 User’s Golfing System, an implementation of Perl 6 in Haskell, which started on 1 February 2005 and was the most actively developing and the most complete … Continue reading “Interview with Audrey Tang”

brian d foy on Future

brian d foy is the author and co-authors of the fundamental Perl books: Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, Mastering Perl, Programming Perl, and Effective Perl Programming. He is a permanent speaker at different Perl events. This interview was recorded for the Pragmatic Perl magazine on 26 May 2013 during the First Polish Perl Workshop in Warsaw.

Announcing the site with the collection of the Perl book covers ever printed on paper. Here is a presentation of my site,, which is a collection of the book covers, of all the books that are about the Perl and Perl 6 programming languages. Update: also about the Raku programming language.